As a european engaged, family-owned enterprise with Greek roots, Transhelit holds a special position within the transportation industry between Greece and Italy. While the company maintains professional corporate structures, it also offers employees a tolerant working environment with a human touch, in which everyone is appreciated. Anyone who works for Transhelit automatically feels part of a large family, regardless of their location or function. Each individual is able to reach their full potential in an inspiring, challenging and supportive work environment, surrounded by professional colleagues, and rely on a strong, loyal employer which recognizes and promotes talent.
    This cohesion is based on lived, common values. As well as being respectful of foreign cultures for which we are proud of.
    Above all, Transhelit looks for employees who see themselves as entrepreneurs within the company. They are highly motivated, are characterized by their independent, creative thinking and behavior, and have a strong interest in foreign countries and cultures. In order to optimally develop the personal strengths of each individual, Transhelit relies on individually tailored programs designed to promote professional and personal skills.

    What awaits employees at Transhelit

    • Family atmosphere: People are central. As a result of our decentralized organization, employees work in small teams with loyal and professional colleagues who all feel part of the Transhelit SA
    • Respect: The corporate culture, especially interactions among team members and with people from foreign cultures, is characterized by mutual appreciation and respect.
    • Exemplary teamwork: The diversity of characters and varied experiences of our personnel complement and support one another. Building on efficient processes and collegial collaboration, this leads to the best possible results.
    • Inspired teamwork: The diversity of characters and experiences make for a well-rounded staff who are able to work creatively and solution-oriented.
    • Trust: TRANSHELIT promotes employees’ personal responsibility and fully trusts in their capabilities.
    • Continuing education: Numerous internal and external training and continuing education programs, as well as part-time degree programs, strengthen employees’ professional and personal capabilities and create the basis for individual career planning with long-term prospects.