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Warehouse storage and handling

Transhelit ensures that your goods are optimally stored in the warehouse and handled in the most cost-efficient way. We find the right location for the storage and handling of your goods, and we also provide specific storage solutions for certain sectors.

We offer multiple possibilities of storage under controlled conditions, on the ground, on shelves, in containers, as well as traditional shelf storage of various sizes. Once the products have arrived in stock, we do a continuous count to ensure that the stock levels on the screen match the physical stock.

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Inbound logistics

We manage incoming logistics to our warehouses, as well as system inspection and registration. Our inbound logistics services include unloading and palletizing, checking merchandise for defects and damage, recording serial or item numbers, and storing products in racks or on the ground.

Outbound logistics

You can send us your daily sales orders in agreed formats and timelines. We handle different types of outbound withdrawals, such as “First Expired, First Out” (FEFO), “Last In First Out” (LIFO) and “First In, First Out” (FIFO). Before shipping, we check the accuracy of each sales order, packing slip and package label and then load the orders onto trucks or vans. In addition to dedicated warehouse operators, we have a flexible pool of employees capable of handling seasonal peaks.

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