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Intermodal Transportation

Sustainability is important for us – and for our customers. In this era of rapidly depleting natural resources, we have a big responsibility for the green transition. We are focused on sustainability and we are developing solutions to limit our impact on the environment. Compared to road transport intermodal transport results in a reduction of your carbon footprint.

We run daily trains to and from Italy across Europe and also have partnerships with all renowned rail service providers. This gives us control over service quality and guarantees capacity for the customer. THAT’S HOW we are able to offer a door-to-door intermodal solution – from pick-up to delivery, thanks to our large European network and trucking capability.


1 train moves
an average of 280 trucks

Intermodal is 4 times
more efficient than trucking

Intermodal transport is very secure.
(except the locking of trailers/containers,
the train never stops)

Intermodal connections can result
in up to 80% lower CO2
emissions compared to road

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