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Our Values

We value our customers, our personnel, and the world.

We care about our customers and their goods, the long-term wellbeing of our employees, and the world around us.

We give our utmost with our craftsmanship, in performance and in personal attention.

We together deliver: reliability, trustworthiness and loyalty.

Summarized: Bringing closer countries and businesses


Making our customers successful

Transhelit puts customer partnership at the center by entering long-term personal relationships with its customers. We provide our customers with reliable, high-quality logistics.


As a family business we strive for long term continuity and we consider stewardship of high importance. We do this by focusing on a yearly healthy business growth, while we are aware of the risk of excessive dependencies. To implement a spread in our business activities, we aim for a healthy spread in segments, regions, and customers.

Sustainable Logistics

We respect people, the environment and society by taking the world of tomorrow into account in everything we do. Stewardship is our main driver for our Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Skilled and passionate employees

We want to safeguard our expertise by increasing the education levels of our employees and making optimum use of everyone’s talent. We want to be an attractive employer.